Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Article on Branding (and J. Crew)

"How to Create a Cool Brand" from

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ad Age on 1969-1970 Era

This is a great collection form Ad Age of print and TV ads from the "conquest of cool" late 60s, early 70s era of advertising we recently discussed.

Highly recommended if you're a fan of Mad Men, as these are the "real ads" of the season.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Product integration - Scrubs, Xbox 360

In this clip, Turk and the Janitor are seen playing Xbox 360 when Carla makes the Janitor leave and then takes his place as they play together to finish a game. The Xbox 360 is one of the main plot points of this episode as Turk is constantly trying to finish his game but is being stopped by his daughter and other distractions.

Product placement in Sex and the City-candus garcia

Here is a Bing Bang Theory episode with product integration of hand sanitizer Purell.

Transformers Product Integration with GMC

Throughout every Transformers movie the Autobots have all been Chevy and GMC produced vehicles. This is great for them because they are able to show of their newest models with each movie and also the wide array that they offer.

30 Rock Seinfeld Bee Movie product placement

The Vampire Diaries - Product Integration 

The Vampire Diaries uses HTC and other android phones in every episode for the past 5 seasons; integrating the devices into the show's entire structure instead of a single episode. The phones have become a "life source" for all the characters who use the phones in order to get them out of dilemmas in every episode. They even talk to the villains on their cell phones. That must have been an awkward conversation... "Hey, I know we hate each other but we don't have to be old fashion. Can I have yo number?"

Kristian Thompson

product placement

I will not Bow to Any Sponsor

This is one of the best product integration clips I can remember. It worked too because I remember quoting this clip as a kid in school with my friends...

Product Integration - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lost in Translation - Product Integration: Suntory Whisky

Sex and the City Birkin Bag product integration

30 Rock Snapple Product Integration

A good example of product integration from one of my favorite shows!

Preview of cross promotion between NHL and 300.

Ellen: Blindfolded Musical Beats Seats

Big Bang Theory: Raj and Siri

Sex and the City integration of Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik

Gets Integrated 

Sex and the City favorite episode

Fashion Road Kill

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The gang drinks Coors

Card prompt for Thursday, 4/3

 Why does Arthurs use the term “bourgeois bohemian” to describe characters on Sex and the City?

Playboys' Penthouse 1959 part 2

Check out the integration for the Playboy Kitchen around 5:30.