Thursday, February 27, 2014

Natassia Brooks.....

The woman feels a sense of accomplishment after making her windows so streak-free and shiny and maker her house "a little brighter". The ad is also comical and allows her to get back at her husband for napping which helps to modernize the concept.

True Housewife, The Career Woman or Would-Be Career Woman and Balanced Homemaker
By: Michael Villegas, jiyoung yoon, Brandon Tierney and Kristian Thompson

Swiffer Wet Jet TV Commercial, 'Generations'

 The Swiffer Wet Jet Commercial embodies Betty Friedan's "The Sexual Sell". This commercial has the three types of women that Friedan mentions. Friedan mentions the "True Housewife". This character is portrayed in the commercial as the grandmother who is reluctantly afraid to try new devices. She mentions that she used to clean the floor on her hands and knees. The second person Friedan mentions is "The Career Woman or Would-Be Career Woman".  This role is played by the mother in the commercial. I found this woman to embody the character of using her time wisely.  Her methods of cleaning the floor were different from her mother's way of scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees.  The daughter found a new method of cleaning using a "MOP". Finally, we are introduced to the granddaughter who Friedan would call the "Balanced Homemaker".  The granddaughter would clean the floor by using her foot. With the granddaughter cleaning the floor with her foot she gives her grandmother anxiety.   This is a woman that uses her executive ability of a well-run household. The Swiffer Wet Jet product brings three generations together by simulating the grandmother cleaning on her hand and knees, the mother cleaning the floor with an old fashion mop and bucket and finally the granddaughter cleaning the floor with the Swiffer Wet Jet. All three find that the floor was still dirty. The grandmother and mother were amazed that a cleaning tool like the Swiffer Wet Jet could clean a virtually clean, yet unclean floor.

Jordan Hunt, Jillian Horn, Haley Huffman

This ad tells the balanced housewife that by using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser instead of all-purpose cleaning spray, she will now be able to take more time off from her busy life. Because the Magic Eraser picks up "3 times the grime" she will have "triple the time to relax".

Samantha Monarez, Miranda Lindley, Tania Monroy

The group chose this ad because it fit perfect into the appeals that went along with the reading material.  When you initially look at the ad you see a very modern-day kitchen, with a very modern-day woman. Yes, she is the only living being in the picture itself but the way the kitchen is set up makes you more aware of the appliances than the woman. Once you get to the fine print the ad states things like, "your refrigerator keeps ingredients fresher longer.' and "your oven and cooktop roast and simmer with accuracy." To tell the consumer (mostly married women) that KitchenAid is different from the rest, and in bold letters "With Kitchen Aid Appliances, you're surrounded by sous chefs" to reassure the reader that with KitchenAid all those things are possible. This ad shows she isn't the old fashioned housewife that sacrifices all of her time to just the kitchen and the chores. The women who chooses to use these appliances can become "The Balanced Homemaker" by accepting the help of these WONDERFUL appliances (especially ones that make you feel like you have sous chefs doing all the work!) but does not expect them to do the "IMPOSSIBLE," because she only wants the help she deserves. The woman consumer in this ad is smiling, she is happy, in a sense "more happier" than she was before she had the appliances. It isn't so much as saying here buy our products, but more "here you buy these products and you will be happier with all that you have to do!" and everything knows when mom is happy, everyone is happy!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Roomba print ad - Jordan Olivo Ashley Phelps Allegra Rice

We chose the Roomba because we believe it includes similar appeals that were mentioned in the Fridan's article. With the roomba, it makes life easy for you by avoiding having to bring out the big vacuum and cleaning up each room in the house one by one. The roomba is a more creative take on the vacuum because all it takes is a simple button to turn on and it does all the work on it's own, so you get that feeling of having accomplished the housework without feeling too guilty. Like the ad claims at the bottom, the Roomba is the smarter way to get it done, "because you have better things to do!"

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cascade Ad - Friedan Assignment (Maya, Shaun, Melissa)

The advertisement is using many appeals that Friedan outlines in her research article, specifically offering an ego enhancement and a sense of achievement. In the advertisement featuring a mother in law and a daughter in law having a conversation about who's dishes are "better", the advertisement is insinuating that the dishes are not in fact better but the detergent is. By using the daughter in law's perspective the whole ad campaign is featuring an "out with the old, in with the new" attitude. Since the daughter is a balanced housewife and can see the good in the new products she is able to have an ego enhancement and a sense of achievement when the mother in law is fascinated by the new product's effectiveness. The ad reinforces that "house cleaning should be fun," showcased by the friendly competitiveness of  the two women.

Ad for Thomas, Victoria chapa, Jordon Duncan

The magic eraser commercial has similar appeals because they're still trying to get the same ending product with less time and easier work, thus they're giving you the opportunity to spend more time with family or do things outside the house.

iRobot Commercial

The iRobot is an automatic vacuum cleaner that cleans by itself giving you the chance to utilize the energy where it really counts.  The iRobot is definitely a new experience given that you do not actually have to push the vacuum around yourself.  For the wife that does not like to do housework, she could set the vacuum cleaner to clean automatically while she does other tasks.

Cassidy Lange
Demond King
Elieen Kim

Rio Austin Tey Ad

This ad has similar appeals to the Balanced Housewife because she still has to do the housework herself, but now she can save her energy with this new Swifter with a vacuum. She doesn't have to work very hard and she can save her energy for better, and more important things, because before she was bound by the drudgery of sweeping with a traditional broom. The advertisers in the past used similar appeals.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No card due 2/13

We will do an activity in class instead. Lucky you!

Monday, February 3, 2014

GoDaddy - Bodybuilder

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sleeper Bowl

So after watching the Super Bowl I realized I really like to be entertained. Music, commercials, and sports. I wasn't a huge Bruno Mars fan before. After seeing his halftime performance I will say I dig this dude. Great entertainment paying homage by doing the James Brown shuffle. So is changing your name considered advertising? Because apparently this guy's real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. For some reason, I don't think sponsors would be too wild about putting on the "Peter Gene Hernandez Halftime Show" And for some reason I wanted a Pepsi during this. Perhaps it was mind altering subliminal advertising messages or.... perhaps it was the big Pepsi logo......

The commercials, though not as good as years past, were pretty decent. My all time favorite is still this one from 2010 SuperBowl .