Monday, January 24, 2011

Direct TV Russian Commercial

The very first thing we hear in this commercial is "oppulence...I have it, I like the best" and it immediately prepares us to see something grand and expensive. Then we see that this is indeed a commercial for direct tv, something that any working man or woman can purchase. However, in this commercial we see the man surrounded by women in fur coats, gold bricks, and even mini giraffes hinting that if you have direct tv you too can have those things.

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Ethan Thompson said...

This is a good one, that use comedy very subtly. Curious that a Russian has now become the symbol of being ostentatious. I love having a miniature giraffe as a pet--just because you can! I had a friend who worked in genetics, and his get-rich scheme was to develop miniature freshwater dolphins for rich people's pools.