Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This ad for toyota, a car not generally associated with the upper class, is trying to evoke idea of luxury and royalty. The design of the ad is particularly important because it uses old english style font and calligraphy. It's saying that you can live your lavish lifestyle of tiaras and ascots, while enjoying a smooth comfortable ride for a reasonable price.

The text reads:
Once you purchase the 2009 Corolla, you’ll start living the dream. To ensure a smooth transition into high society, we’ve equipped the Corolla with revised suspension, springs, and sway bars, which will keep any recently acquired tiara firm upon your brow. If you’re more of the fetching ascot type, consider the comfortable ride an accessory to your necktie. Whatever flourishes you fancy, the Electronically Controlled Transmission and Vehicle Stability Control will distinguish your dominion over the road.

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Ethan Thompson said...

This is one that makes no bones about it...have the high life. But still does so with tongue in cheek.