Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 Superbowl Doritos Commercial

This commercial focuses on using humor to attract this product to its viewers. In this case, the product is Nacho Cheese Doritos. I think after this ad people will either immediately run out to try these Doritos, or may shy away from it due to the old man licking the cheese of his finger!


Erick Cantu said...

Ah man that is so awesome!! And... gross..Great Find Ashley!! haha. I think Doritos is using a good connection with it's consumers. All of us know that when we eat Doritos we get the cheesy fingers. Its actually a nuance, but Doritos plays on that as a fun thing instead of a bad thing. So pushing that along with a funny commercial, I feel, makes the consumer think the product is actually a hip thing to consume.

Ethan Thompson said...

Thanks for posting!