Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pepperidge Farm Remembers

I find many advertisements for food products use nostalgia as a means for authenticity. As a society we find comfort in our home, and for the lucky ones we find superiority in our mother's home cooked meals. If any food product could rival the tasty goodness we grew up with than there is an automatic draw to it. In this Pepperidge Farm commercial the old man presents a pretty straight forward form of nostalgia. Using an old fashioned toaster with his apparent grandson sitting next to him, he wants the veiwer to remember that family relationship. The elderly spokeperson recalls the time in our childhood when our grandmother made us our raisin toast and all that "buttery" deliciousness. This correlates to Freudian theory of how we long for that motherly (or in this case grandmotherly) closeness and feel an emptiness. Perhaps enjoying this Pepperidge Farm toast will alleviate the longing we have to go back to that time, because Pepperidge Farm "remembers" too.

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