Monday, April 18, 2011

T-Mobile Commercial Dwyane Wade & Charles Barkley Nostalgic

This ad for T-Mobile is a good example of nostalgia as it appeals to a sense of lack. Here, we see retired basketball player Charles Barkley watching old footage of his days playing basketball in the 80s. He is making current basketball star Dwayne Wade watch this in order to be in his “top 5”. The style of the ad creates a sense of nostalgia because you see Dwayne Wade, a young up and coming basketball player, with a lollipop, almost child- like, being forced to watch Charles Barkley’s old games. Charles Barkley does this because he sees a lot of himself in Wade when he was in the NBA and by making him watch his old videos it fills that void of lack for Barkley that he misses from being a basketball star in the past.

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