Thursday, February 27, 2014

Samantha Monarez, Miranda Lindley, Tania Monroy

The group chose this ad because it fit perfect into the appeals that went along with the reading material.  When you initially look at the ad you see a very modern-day kitchen, with a very modern-day woman. Yes, she is the only living being in the picture itself but the way the kitchen is set up makes you more aware of the appliances than the woman. Once you get to the fine print the ad states things like, "your refrigerator keeps ingredients fresher longer.' and "your oven and cooktop roast and simmer with accuracy." To tell the consumer (mostly married women) that KitchenAid is different from the rest, and in bold letters "With Kitchen Aid Appliances, you're surrounded by sous chefs" to reassure the reader that with KitchenAid all those things are possible. This ad shows she isn't the old fashioned housewife that sacrifices all of her time to just the kitchen and the chores. The women who chooses to use these appliances can become "The Balanced Homemaker" by accepting the help of these WONDERFUL appliances (especially ones that make you feel like you have sous chefs doing all the work!) but does not expect them to do the "IMPOSSIBLE," because she only wants the help she deserves. The woman consumer in this ad is smiling, she is happy, in a sense "more happier" than she was before she had the appliances. It isn't so much as saying here buy our products, but more "here you buy these products and you will be happier with all that you have to do!" and everything knows when mom is happy, everyone is happy!

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