Friday, August 1, 2008

JC Penny nostalgia

Justin Flowers, Alyssa, Leanna

JC Pennys, Breakfast Club, "Don't You Forget About Me"
1. The commercial that i decided that had a feel of nostalgia and is also pretty recent is the latest JC Pennys commercial. What the commercial is about is for their back-to-school line, and they incorporate and even use references to "The Breakfast Club" from scenes redone using kids wearing their clothes to a updated punkish remake of the song "Don't you forget about me" from the final scenes of the film. 


3. Really the entire ad is all nostalgia because clip by clip, and, and scene for scene you can tell it is referencing
The Breakfast Club, from the music that those who grew up with the movie or have seen it
will easily recognize. I think changing up the music was something to make the kids who are the ages their trying
to sell the clothes to appeal to them, and while using a very popular teen movie to sell to kids and adults alike.

4. The nostalgia seems to be for the parents they shop for the kids clothes for the most part and in every mall
there is a JC Pennys and the parents who grew up as teens remember the scenes, and the music and it
will tend to ring a bell when going clothes shopping for back-to-school. the age group that it would be appealing to
is about 35-45 age group those who have kids, and have grown up Chris Columbus, and his films. The commercial can try to evoke
this type of nostalgia on a broader audience, i just think that only a select few will truly get the reference, like
myself, and it will go past alot of kids most likely the ones their catering the clothes towards.

5. The ad suggest that it can fulfill all types of styles probably why they used the movie reference, showing that those who
are punkish can shop there, and the preps can too, as well as sports, and really you can fulfill all your
kids shopping wishes at one spot. The commercial, the scenes, the music, all evoke nostalgia and in the end the commercial
primary purpose is to just remind the parents that shopping at JC Pennys is a possibility and when doing 
their school shopping, don't forget to stop by. I cannot tell how it will change them until the time comes 
to look at their sales during the back-to-school weekend.


Michelle said...

This ad works, because of the breakfast club and back to school. It appeals to parents who saw the breakfast club and who are buying the clothes for their kids, so it is o.k. is kids don't get it. I was scared for a second that they were making a re-make of the breakfast club, which I don't think would be a good idea. Dr. Thompson was right though, a cover band playing the sang made it a little more cheesy.

Michelle said...
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Kendra said...

This ad shows nostalgia becasue it goes back in time with the breakfast club which is a movie that parents should know about and it a classic that kids these days just know about. I think its a great way to show off clothes while reacting out the breakfast club. JC Penny shows the varity of clothes that they have to go with everybody. Even though the comercial is chessy it differnt from all the other comercial that JC Penny had so it like a big step up for them. To reach more of younger crowed i think they could have done something a little older in movies so students wearing the clothes can relate but i guess they wanted to reach the parents who are buying the clothes and dont want to go every where to find clothes for the kids. So overall the comercail is bad but good for JC Penny.

Mark Immler said...

This ad keeps showing up on T.V. now that it got brought up in class. This ad does appeal to an older generation because the movie is kind of old. I don't think this ad works because the kids that are actually in school probably won't recognize the relation to the breakfast club because of their age. I do think it creates some sort of nostalgia because it would bring an older generation back to their childhood, but this to me is nostalgia used in the wrong way.

amandamartinez said...

Though I love The Breakfast club, and I watch it everytime I see it on TV, I really don't like this commercial. I understand how it can be appealing to both parents and children alike. There are many parents that saw this movie when they themselves where in school. Seeing remade scenes from the movie and hearing that familiar song takes them back to that time of their life. Even now, that movie is played frequently on cable TV, so it it likely that even their children have seen it. Even though the movie was made a a couple decades ago, its array of characters make it easy to relate to. Now that I think about it, I guess this really is a good commercial because of the wide audience it has the ability to appeal to.