Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cadillac Thrills

Sarah Quick
Kendra Harris
Victor Alvarez

This ad uses nostalgia by showing eleven different Cadillac models beginning from its introduction. The driverless car is seen heading down a lonely highway, then after about four seconds it changes to a different model all while continuing to move forward. The different camera angles show the interior of the car and how it has changed over the years. The luxury of the car is shown by having the shiniest and most innovative Cadillac of that decade including the ’57 with high tail fins.
This nostalgia seems to appeal to a broad audience because of the music included. "Punk Rocker" by Teddy Bears f/ Iggy Pop starts by saying how he enjoys driving his car and having people wish they were in it.
The ad suggest the car will fulfill the consumer’s lack by making it seem as if each of the cars featured were the best of there time and now it is the consumers time to get the best by buying Cadillac. At the end are the words "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit" of happiness we assume through consumption. Next are the words "Since 1903," referring to a simpler time for automobiles but also reinforcing the fact that Cadillac has been around for over 100years


monique said...


monique said...

I thought this ad was appropriate for the nostalgia we have been talk about in class. I had to ponder the classic cars of the past. It took me back 40 years.. a friend of the family had a 1960 Cadillac and the tail fins were HUGE! I used to call her car "ole Bluey" This car make me laugh, I didn't realize then how this was a symbol of class/prestige. As the years have flown by, the changes in Cadillacs have sure changed but the symbol of luxary, style, is prominent today.

Andrew Lewis said...

I think this ad definitely uses nostalgia by showing all the different older Cadillac models driving down this desert highway. But people who remember some of the really older models shown probably aren't as interested in buying a sports car (as shown in the ad) at their age. The ad reassures all consumers that Cadillac is the pioneer of luxurious vehicles. If you buy a new Caddy today, you're assured it will fit in with Cadillac's rich, luxurious history, and that the new model is destined to be a classic someday. Those other companies say they're quality luxury cars, but Cadillac is synonymous with luxury, and has stood the test of time.

Marcellus Howard said...

I think this ad was a great ad to use for nostalgia. I really liked how it showed the first Cadillac model and then it slowly progressed into the Cadillac that is driven today.I thought it was interesting how they used a desert highway. The obvious background would have been something from the old days. Instead, they used the desert. It also shows that Cadillac has been around for a long time, so it reminds you that Cadillac is a good car.

Javier Garcia said...

The ad uses music that I wouldn't necessarily associate with cadillac, the teddybear's with iggy pop singing punkrocker. The song's first line makes direct sense with it's reference to driving down the street, but the rest is less direct. Iggy sings about being bored with looking good, maybe cadillac wanted to reference wanting the best all around car and not just the best looking car. The rest of the verse talks about being fearless and sincere, attributes baby boomers could associate with i guess. and then the last line about being a punk rocker doesn't make sense right away since cadillac is certainly not punk in the way punks mean it. But Cadillac might want you to see it as you will set yourself apart from the masses and be different, like punks are different from the masses, if you buy this car.

mjg504 said...

This ad definately is a good example of nostalgia with how it takes you back to the first cadillac every made up until the newest version they have out now. For someone like my grandfather it could bring back the good time state for him and make him want to go buy a new cadillac.