Friday, August 15, 2008

Cadillac thrills

Sarah Quick
Victor Alvarez
Kendra Harris

This ad uses nostalgia by showing eleven different Cadillac models beginning from its introduction. The driverless car is seen heading down a lonely highway, then after about four seconds it changes to a different model all while continuing to move forward. The different camera angles show the interior of the car and how it has changed over the years. The luxury of the car is shown by having the shiniest and most innovative Cadillac of that decade including the ’57 with high tail fins.
This nostalgia seems to appeal to a broad audience because of the music included. A contemporary song, “Punk Rocker” by Teddy Bears f/ Iggy Pop starts by saying how he enjoys driving his car and having people wish they were in it.
The ad suggest the car will fulfill the consumer’s lack by making it seem as if each of the cars featured were the best of there time and now it is the consumers time to get the best by buying Cadillac. At the end are the words “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit” of happiness we assume through consumption. Next are the words “Since 1903,” referring to a simpler time for automobiles but also reinforcing the fact that Cadillac has been around for over 100years

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