Friday, August 15, 2008

Oreo 100 Calorie Pack

Deeadra Piper
Laura Labay
Leigh Rodrigue

We chose Oreo 100 Calorie Pack as our ad that employs nostalgia. The ad starts with a monotone city street and a lady in the back of a cab. As she opens her bag of Oreo Candy Bites she looks out the window and sees women doing child like activities. There's hopscotch, bubble blowing, tree climbing, double-dutch and patty cake. Our eye is drawn to them by the use of bright clothing worn by the frolicking women against the gray of the city. In the end she taps the cabdriver on the shoulder to stop and runs toward a colorful carousel on a field of lush green grass. Also, the song playing during the commercial starts "In a candy house with a secret door," evoking fairytales of our childhood. The nostalgia seems to be aimed at any woman above the age were you begin to leave your imagination behind and start to grow up. All women can relate to the simple images because they transcend generational gaps. Who hasn't blown bubbles or climbed a tree? The end of the commercial says "bring the fun of candy back into your life" making you wonder where it went. As we grow up we stop eating sweets because of diets and other reasons and this tag line reminds us of how much "fun" candy is. The lack being filled is the loss of fun and childhood innocence. The ability to play, laugh , and smile all day without worrying about grown-up responsibilities. All you have to do is eat Oreo Bites to return to this state of ignorant bliss. If that's too much than you can have a quick snack of Oreo Bites and temporarily return to the "fun" of childhood and candy and then resume your adult life once you're done eating.

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