Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Belvedere Vodka Commercial

I can't stand vodka of any kind, and I think Vincent Gallo is a jerk but I like the appeal of the ad. I looked at the responses to this video to see how it appealed to people and this response stuck out to me:

"i LOVE this commercial! so much that i sought it out on youtube! i think its so great because when i watch it, i get that feel good mood like i am at a fun party. it definetly makes ME want to go out and get some Belvedere!"

Bam. I believe that the quote above is what the advertisers were going for. The song and the way it was shot appealed to me, the individuals gave off that "cool" nonchalant vibe so popular with the younger generations today. What is cool? Celebrities, partying and Belvedere. This ad creates the feeling of high society but with a modern and youthful twist.... "Luxury Reborn". A tornado lifestyle of excess and fun.

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