Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Unreal Liberation

Susan J. Douglas gives an eye opening view of the advertising world's view on the "free woman". Women had long been the object of the advertiser as the one willing to spend money on the things that would make their appearence look and feel better. The 1980's ad angle was to use both feminism and antifeminism to an advantage. While portraying a woman in a luxurious setting, the woman can only attain luxury after she purchases that item that will in theory set her free.The method of gaining the perfect look no matter what the cost can and will continue to be lucrative, although I have to agree that true liberation will never be met.

This video shows an ad for a shampoo that will leave you with the best hair no matter the tough conditions...Because you are worth it.

This video shows hair coloring as the most luxurious thing to do. Beautiful, long lasting color all possible if you buy this product

What other cosmetics ads used today give the impression of "liberation" through these products?

Do you feel that the products for women today are advertised with a sense of false freedom with a never ending goal?

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