Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The 1957 Good Life

Ford Dealers of New England, probably from major weekly magazine, 1957.

This ad from the 1950s uses imagery of a family on vacation to suggest how the car can fit into an ideal lifestyle. The convertible is filled with the family, enjoying the sites of New England. Dad is out of the car, taking a picture, while everyone is happy and smiling. The car is luxurious and sparkling, and the setting of New England is interesting because it suggests traditional Americana--this is not a hip, urban setting, but a traditional, patriotic, all-American one that is also picturesque. While other car ads might just feature the car, this combination of an entire scenario centered around the pleasures of family and travel suggests aspiring to a higher standard of living.

Because of this combination, the ad seems to be targeting the young American family, enjoying postwar prosperity, but also appealing to a sense of traditional values.

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mjg504 said...

I like this article because it gives you the high standard of living that our parents might have enjoyed when they were teenagers.