Monday, July 28, 2008


Monique Swallow
Andrew Lewis
Marcellus Howard

We choose Fast Food as a category to create a new brand.
The team wanted a burger that set us apart from the regular guys selling the "usual"and boring hamburger.
Our burger is bigger and better in many different ways.
Imagine a huge burger that was made with toppings of your choice....doesn't that make your mouth water?
We specialize in healthy alternatives, such as chili, guacamole,vegetables, assorted cheeses, bean sprouts, just to name a few.
For strategy #1, our ad stresses Big Healthy Burgers w/lots of vegetables and loads of topping.
For strategy #2, we would have ad's for a variety of different consumers. We consider that not all people want the same ole burger. With Big Bite Burger, we have toppings for kids, and adults alike. We even have cultural toppings from different ethnic backgrounds!
We will give coupons at the grocery stores (look on the back of your reciept) and special coupons at all sporting events. We advertise our new Big Healthy Burger on ticket stubs from all popular culture events.
If your in the mood for something different...give us a try.


Deda B. said...

I like the idea of a helathy hamburger because I love hamburgers...they're just not healthy, especially the ones you get at a fast food restuarant.

One idea I have about a product and marketing strategy to promote the Big Healthy Burger is to create a very tasty veggie burger instead of the beef burgers to cater to the vegetarian and vegan communities as well as those people who just want to be healthy on the go. A veggie burger paired with the healthy toppings mentioned in the pitch would really set the chain apart from the mainstream.

You could even get kids interested by doing print and TV ads that include characters not unlike the Fruit of the Loom guys, only vegetables instead of fruit. Ads could run on Nickelodeon and be a part of the Nickelodeon Let's Just Play Go Healthy Challenge where they have shows about at risk kids trying to eat right, exercise, and just be more healthy overall. Nickelodeon also has a character called KOPO, the Nick at Night Kick One, Pick One Action Dog. (I know, I have kids and I watch a lot of Nickelodeon). A partnership between the Big Healthy Burger and programs like the ones Nickelodeon offers would be a brilliant marketing strategy because kids love burgers and they emulate what they see on television.

laura labay said...

I like the idea of healthy fast food restaurants. I would agree with deda b., her blog recommended a veggie burger. This is a much needed item that is often overlooked by restaurants that offer hamburgers. As far as advertising, I think a commercial in the area where the restaurant is located would be a faster way to ensure its success. Burger King offers veggie burgers but does not advertise that they offer it. I think this is a huge mistake. This is a big selling point to those in the community that are vegan and for those who want to cut their cholesterol consumption. I think an added value would be to show the amount of calories, fat and cholesterol beside each entree on the menu for this health conscious demographic.

sarah said...

Like Deda B has already said, I think adding a veggie burger to your menu would greatly benefit you. A bean burger or veggie burger is the first thing that popped in my mind as I was reading your intent to provide healthy alternatives for burger lovers. Also, I think your idea for cultural toppings is awesome. Maybe you could have a Greek burger or a Mexican burger. Put that gyro sauce instead of mayo or carne asada instead of the patty.
As for advertising, I think ya'll could go in a number of different ways. You should definitely play up the healthy aspect of this product. Maybe even a new product name to let people know you're a health conscious burger joint.

Zachariah said...

I have to agree with the ladies above. Your choice to really market the restaurant as a healthy alternative because of your veggie burgers is a good one, especially since you can add all the flavor you want thanks to your variety of toppings. That could be your main selling point "Burgers so good, you'd never know they're good for you." I also like the concept of adding cultural toppings to the burgers. It makes sense in the U.S., which is known as a cultural melting pot where anyone or anything is welcome. This type of approach could help recreate the idea of an "All-American Burger." Mmmm tasty!

Adam Eddy said...

The faithful fast-food ad, it brings ruminates the likes of Ronald McDonald, Harold and Kumar and who could forget the infamous Kennen and Kell, oh did a mention Clerks II just to name a few, but all in all I think your ad could be a success due in part to the green theme. Because we are all fooled into believing that green means it’s good for us and “good” means it’s healthy and that means where not as of a slob for eating 99$ cheeseburgers. Were more like, the King of Whatever we want to eat because Wendy always has it her way to save the planet? The only thing I can think of to help your campaign is to make it believable by emphasizing the green in your ads with added value to make your restaurant stand in the crowd amongst the others trying to do the same.