Monday, July 28, 2008

STONED- the green jean

Deeadra Piper
Laura Labay
Leigh Rodrigue

STONED- the green jeans
The all natural hemp jean that is the environmentally friendly choice of the socially conscious generation.

Stoned Jeans are superior to their competitors because they not only make a fashion statement but a personal one too. Unlike other jeans ours are made of 100% hemp which is more durable and is an environmentally safe product. This brand will stand out from the competition because it empowers each individual who purchases and wears the jeans to make a statement to the world that they want environmental issues to be addressed. Stoned Jeans will encourage the generation of environmentalist to have their voice heard about environmental issues by buying and wearing these jeans. The proceeds from the purchase of these jeans will go towards environmental lobbyist to ensure the issues of this group are heard.

Stoned Jeans will be marketed to men and women who are socially conscious and aspiring to make a change. One of our ads would be product integration in a show targeted at our demographic such as "The Hills" or "Project Runway". Print ads would use a split screen illustration of a black and white, rotting environment that is wasting away from air pollution and waste and a vivid, full color illustration of a cleaner, greener Earth where people drive hybrid vehicles, recycle, and wear Stoned Jeans. The second ad would be a television commercial set in the dirty streets of New York or the smog-filled streets of Los Angeles that shows a Stoned Jeans store on Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive. An eco-conscious actor, such as Hayden Panettiere, would do a voice-over saying, "When you live in a place like this, it feels great to know you can do your part to help clean it up. In style, in season, and out of the box. Stoned: The Green Jean."


Jon V said...

I'm not too keen on the whole green scene but I do have a good idea for marketing this jean (catchy, isn't it?) This girl I know is an environmentalist and very pro-hemp. She is also an activist, speaks at events and does a lot of other pro-environment things.
Targeting someone like her would be ideal, because then you could get her to spread the word about the jeans to other people. What better way to promote a green jean than to have a pro-hemp activist tell other environmentally conscious (and not too) people about why it is great for the enviroment?
If such a jean existed, I know for a fact that this girl would happily own a pair and would definitely tell others about it too.

Zachariah said...

I really like the concept and your approach to marketing. I think that you nailed the target audience: progressive, hipster healthnuts who could, and would, pay any ridiculous price for these jeans, which are fairly cheap to produce. After all, that is the beauty of hemp, high quality for low prices. I think the jeans would be a huge success once you got the name publicized and the jeans on the kind of people you mentioned. Plus, the proceeds going to help the environment would be a great added value to the product. However, I'm a little concerned about the name: Stoned. Is it just me or are you playing on the idea that marijuana also comes from hemp and not just the style of stone-washed jeans? If you are, I think it's hilarious and it certainly works well as a sharp and trendy name that would roll right off the tongue of the fashion elite, since they would most likely eat-up the blending of good fashion and eco-friendly products. I'm just concerned that this connotation of an illegal drug might scare off some of your possible clients and spokespeople as well. Then again, it might be a selling point to get people like Matthew McConaughey or the Wilson Brothers to support your cause. I guess I'm worried that you might upset a few stoners who get the wrong impression of what these jeans could do for them,but this wouldn't be big deal. They'd just get high and forget about it. It could possibly be an issue worth addressing since it comes up in the name, but doesn't show up anywhere else. Not a big deal, though. I wasn't sure if you thought about the negative perceptions. Honestly, I think this will be a real product and most likely marketed just like this once marijuana becomes legal, that is if it's not already out there now.

orlandom82 said...

I think this idea is great. You guys seemed to have also hit the right target audience and just ran with the whole going green concept that has become really popular recently. I also like how you plan to market the jeans during popular fashion based shows. If you could get the right celebrities to wear these jeans you could be really successful.

Deda B. said...

In response to you, Zach...yes wer are playing on the fact that the jeans are made from hemp by calling them "Stoned". Now that may be pushing the envelope a bit, but I think controversy breeds publicity, which breeds profit...even though that's not what it's all about. It's a good thing for a good cause and the name just brings recognition.

Fat Lenny said...

I'll go ahead and agree with everybody...this is a great idea. Going green is the most hip and cool thing among the majority of youths these days. You should also think about using musicians to promote your product. If these jeans were worn by popular musicians, it would be an extremely effective way to market this product. Most music lovers are environmentally conscious and want to do their part in helping our planet.

acevallos said...

I honestly love the idea and putting it on the hills or project runway would be a wonderful idea! Another way to get people to want it even more is to get the big celebrities to promote the jeans on channel E! Channel E is a another great way to promote fashion because so many people watch it for that reason.

Michelle said...

I love this idea! One thing you should market is the price though. One thing I know is that most people would love to be more environmentally friendly, but it costs more be, which is hard when you're a young adult especially in college. So if you were to advertise that they were paying either the same as most jeans or less, i think that would be a great hook, as well as the marketing strategy you already have. I know if I could find a jean that fit me, that was environmentally friendly AND affordable, I wouldn't buy anything else.

sarah said...

I think this is a great idea. Awesome brand name. I think a good way to market this brand would be to have celebrity involvement. Just as Pamela Anderson is a huge voice for PETA, I think this "Stoned" product would get a great following if another famous person was supporting it. I'm not sure if taking the, "she has it, that means I must have it too" route is something this group wanted to take, but I do think the celebrity spokesperson would be beneficial.

Adam Eddy said...

Stoned, I don’t really like the title but the concept of being mother of the earth jeans I dig; branding your product helps the consumer recognize it quicker and once your get there attention keep it by using soft sell ads like the fact that they are recyclable and for the green society that is growing increasingly stronger everyday (hurray) it would be the logical choice, according to the ad, to always be in season. Just like Al Gore you’re making an old concept new by using different ad techniques. I would suggest appealing to all groups not just the tree-huggers by making the jeans seem as something that would improve life not just satisfy our energy needs.