Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Luxurious living

The ad details the style, and grace of driving a Range Rover, coming from either an exquisite estate, or some form of heirarchy.

Land Rover, Esquire, July 2008, Leanne Meador
Dr. Murias, Cosmopolitan, July 2008, Alyssa Cevallas
Smart Water, Details, June 2008, Justin Flowers

We chose this ad because it stands out more, and ultimately represents the highest standard of living. When looking at the horde of vehicles coming from this large estate, one would like to imagine what it would be like to live this type of luxury. The car is sleek in design, it is nothing short of extravagant, and when looking at the way it stands out even amidst, such a scenic view one can't even experience. In the ad, the company boasts that this is the type of vehicle that transports only the important people, such as the Pope, the Queen, and other figures of authority and leadership.
We believe the ad is targeting the middle to older crowd, preferably the mid 30-40s who either have such an income to afford it or is in the process of achieving such goals. We also took into consideration the fact that this magazine is Esquire, and this magazine boasts the fact that its about men's style, the feeling of class, and elegance.


mjg504 said...

This ad makes you wanna live that luxurios lifestyle. And if you already have the money it makes you wanna go purchase a range rover.

Jon V said...

A good friend of mine's dad is a plastic surgeon, lives on Ocean Drive, and owns a Range Rover. To me, my friend's family is living the lifestyle trying to be conveyed in this ad.
Not only is the background grand but there are several Rovers in the shot which reminds me of important people being transported in a fleet of vehicles. So to me, the combination of scenery and number/arrangement of Rovers definitely gives off that notion of a higher standard of living.

orlandom82 said...

I think that this ad is a good example of Range Rover showing you what luxurious living is. The fact that it is coming from a huge estate lets you know that not just anyone can own one. You must be of wealth and importance to be able to own one of these. You can also notice that the driver side is on the right rather than the left indicating that it might be royalty in england, for example, driving that one in this ad.