Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Corolla the next Bentley?

Corolla, Sports Illustrated, June 30, 2008, Phillip Ramirez

Triscuit, Southern Living, July 2008, Chris Ford

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Hidden Valley Ranch, Psychology Today, June 24, 2008, Mark Immler.

This ad featuring the 2008 Toyota Corolla uses a luxurious theme to show social status. They use a gold frame with a burgundy background to symbolize the living like a king lifestyle. At the top of the ad they feature a shield with a gold crown again symbolizing the royal lifestyle. To honor the 10th edition they call it Corolla The X as if being the "King". The bottom of the ad features a scroll, symbolizing royalty, which says "Live The Dream For Less Coin". This lets you know that you can live large for cheap. The target audience would be a lower middle class individual that strives to be among the social elite.

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mjg504 said...

I really like this ad because it makes you feel like you can own an ordinary car but still feel very luxurios because of its style. Also can feel this way and save yourself money which is very important now days especially with the outrageous gas prices we have now.