Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Mark Immler
Phillip Ramirez
Orlando Mata
Adam Eddy

The illustrations in this ad has a realistic tone. Images of well dressed persons in the background and a sloppy person in the foreground create the imagery of a dramatic style. The man in foreground looks depressed and diseased as when the persons in the background look healthy and proper. This ad suggests that poor or unhealthy people are subject to being the carrier of diseases. "MORE THAN SOAP-A HEALTH HABIT" is used as the slogan at the bottom to represent anxiety that if you don't use this soap, then you will be unhealthy.

This ad implements the anxiety of fitting in. The one man at the foreground is a loner and strives to fit into the crowd of wealthy people. Healthy appearance makes you more acceptable to a crowd. Lifebuoy gives a sense of urgency to buy this product so that you will not be contagious to diseases or be prone to a "carrier". Scientific evidence is also used to create crowd anxiety. Stating if you use this certain soap that you will not be contagious or be a "Typhoid Mary" in a crowd.

The art in this picture is creating a heirachy of social status with the demeanor of a lower class man symbolizing this one man that is a disease ridden individual that will be the carrier to every single person in that crowd. This imagery used is proving a point that if you are of a lower class standard then you must buy this soap to be around higher class individuals.


Mark Immler said...
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Javier Garcia said...
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Javier Garcia said...

The ad here does a good job of setting up the anxieties of cleanliness and then spiking it down with their soap product. But even after using the product to keep clean after dealing with disgusting disease ridden crowds , the ad perpetuates the trend of isolating the people within our society. It helps cut up our motivation for a real social fabric and discourages engaging in any sort of community activity. One way to keep clean from germs would be buying this soap, the other and cheaper way is to just not go out at all, and so avoid the benefits that come with it that consumption alone can't fulfill.