Thursday, July 31, 2008

Orlando Mata
Phillip Ramirez
Adam Eddy

Sobe - Life water - Thriller
Superbowl ad 2008.

The nostalgic component of this TV commercial would be the song and dance to "Thriller" (1982) by Michael Jackson. The ad starts with Naomi Campbell walking through a white room with a bottle of Sobe Life Water. As she takes a drink and puts it down, a lizard jumps in the air and takes a drink of the water as well and gets an energy burst. Just then the music begins and the lizard along with a group of other lizards begin doing the "thriller" as well as Naomi Cambell.

The nostalgia seems to be targeting an audience of people from the age 25 and older who grew up hearing the song. They might remember doing the "Thriller" at dances or parties and might take them back to a "good time" in their lives. It might even be suggesting that it can make you feel younger because of the fact that one lizard is wearing a "grill". The nostalgia is used in a comedic sense to help remember the commercial and thus remember the product itself. The audience might be able to associate the product to the song every time they hear it. The spokesperson is the "lizard" which we are all familiar with as being comical, as well as Naomi Campbell who was definitely around when the song was released and was probably doing the "Thriller".

The consumer lack that the ad might be trying to fulfill is the lack good times that we have. It might be implying that we are lacking excitement and maybe "dance" in our life, and Sobe Life Water will help to enhance or fulfill this lack in our life. Another lack it may be trying to fulfill would be the sense of youth. By drinking Sobe Life Water you will feel young.

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ayatolla2003 said...

I liked how you mentioned how much people will remember how they all tried to mimic the thriller dance and it has been about 25 years since thriller, and it was a way to be different. you did hit the nail on the head at who they were targeting.