Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunny's (fast food)

1. Fast Food Restaurant

2. Name: Sunny’s; we chose this name to represent what kind of restaurant we wanted to make: a fast food restaurant that focuses on healthier choices. (Sun Harvest is the name of a health food store chain, and the sun is a positive, primordial icon.)

3. The main way we are going to differentiate Sunny’s from other fast food places is our approach for healthy eating and a concern for the environment. For example, some burgers might be made with 100% organic, hormone free beef. Also, another selling point might be less product packaging and baked, rather than fried french fries; organic, fair trade coffee might also be served. This will be the only burger place that will make a preemptive claim to be healthy, and it will capitalize on the Green movement.

4. Strategies: The focus our commercials will be on how environmentally friendly Sunny’s is and how people can “eat a little better everyday (possible slogan).” Although the restaurant will have a two or three tier menu based on price range*, the main audience will be middle and upper middle class people, since they have extra money to spend on fast food and probably care about eating healthily.

It would be desirable to advertise on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic channels, especially during a special about climate change. But as concern for healthy living and environmentalism sink into the popular conscience, the ads could appear on network and various cable TV channels.

Another tactic for Sunny’s is to donate to environmental causes and create public service announcements of that nature. (PR is an effective type of advertising). It would also be beneficial for Sunny’s to get involved in charity benefits for disaster relief efforts (to subdue any subconscious feelings that environmentalists do not care about people). The purpose of the ads and donations is to link positive images with the brand name and give customers a good feeling about buying food from Sunny’s. A good persuasive style for Sunny’s commercials would be product superiority with a strong association with progress and with the popular concept of the “natural.”

*Similar to Jack-in-the-Box which has both a dollar burger and a premium sirloin burger.

Group Members: Sarah M. , Javier, and Zach


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laura labay said...
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laura labay said...

I think this fast food restaurant would be successful. Most people are concerned with eating healthy yet there are not many healthy fast food places, this would set you apart from the competition. As far as advertising is concerned, I would add commercials to local channels where the restaurant is located as well as the specific channels you mentioned. Offering customers a choice of what they would like on their hormone free burger is a great selling point to mention in the commercial. This is a great idea and has great potential, I would eat there.

acevallos said...

This is a great idea!! I wish it really did exist so that I could go! = )
I think that one should be located on a college campus because there are so many students that word of mouth could help. With so many college students gaining the freshmen 15 I think that putting it on a college campus would be great. You could also give out coupons to people around the campus so that they are more encouraged to try it.

orlandom82 said...

I like this idea because it is something different. I think it might be appealing to consumers because it allows them to eat healthy while still being able to enjoy a burger. I know when I want to eat healthy, the first thing I think of is Subway so it would be nice to have a few more options. I also like the idea of marketing using the concern for the environment. I think that the Discovery channel and National Geographic would be perfect mediums for advertising.

Michelle said...

I love this idea. One thing I seriously tell myself everyday is that I wish there was somewhere I could get a healthy meal, on the go, and not a salad form McDonald's either. I saw Super Size me, I know they're not as healthy as they seem. This healthier alternative is a wonderful idea, and the donations and charity is a bonus. Another thing you should think about though, is a way to make it where the fast food place itself is being environmentally friendly such as that it gets its food from either resource based agriculture, or sustainable (organic) agriculture which seeks to produce healthful food, protect natural ecosystems and minimize environmental impacts. This way you're not being the fast food place that promotes healthy food and target environmentally friendly consumers, but you can go deeper and actually contribute to the green movement.
Another thing you could do is team up with sigg (the swiss company that produces those environmentally friendly water bottles) and offer to sell them to constomers with a deal to re-rill them when they come back, as an alternative to cups and water bottles that take years to break down.